Chemical Lab
Gas Cromatography
High Performance Liquid Cromatography
Laminar Air Flow
Karl Fischer Apparatus


Quality department perform test to developed safe & effective Products. Anicare Pharma are equipped with latest instruments and well equipped Microbiological Laboratory to conduct Verity of chemical test & microbiological test.

1 High Performance liquid Chromatography (HPLC)
2 Gas Chromatography (GC)2
3 Spectrophotometer3
4 Ultra Violet Chamber4
5 Karl Fischer Apparatus5
6 PH Meter6
7 Enviornmental Test Chember7
8 Muffle Furnaces
9 Pentrometer
10 Refractometer
11 Polarimeter
12 Vacum Oven
13 Autoclave
14 Compound Microscope
15 Colony Counter
16 Bacteriological Incubator
17 BOD Incubator
18 Laminar Air Flow
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